A Spec Volkswagen PPV400

PPV400 ASPEC is based on the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf R developed a new production of the overall retrofit upgrade program code. PPV400 a full aero package fully integrated with the seventh generation Golf R features a tough line, continuing ASPEC BMW F30 front design concept, which was to create a more dynamic, bold.

PPV400 a full aerodynamic package including front bumper, grille, hood, mirror shells, side skirts, rear wing, rear bumper.

Encloses the front, PPV400 continuation ASPEC BMW F30 design, the left and right sides of the intake have a huge area, not only adds a touch of a budding movement, but also to promote the guide cold air intercooler and oil cooler, improve its cooling effectiveness.
Bonnet, cooling holes on both sides of the top of the hood can accelerate heat emission engines and turbines.
Side skirts, increasing the width of the vehicle visual effects, so that more three-dimensional silhouette of the vehicle while driving can effectively reduce the reverse flow generated, giving greater stability at high speeds.
After the siege, the vehicles original plain tail shape more layered, enhance the overall appearance of the impact force at the same time, but also more quickly and orderly export underbody airflow, cooling holes on both sides of the tail can effectively release the air surrounding the internal resistance, reduced driving resistance; bilateral four exhaust tail nozzle design PPV400 lip after use, so that the whole tail showing a more full, dynamic modeling.
Tail, from the top of the tail gas stream by increasing the pressure can better improve driving stability, according to different driving habits and road conditions, adjusting the angle of the tail.