A Spec BMW (F30) 328i

ASPEC the finest carbon fiber material, with ASPEC superb vacuum compression molding techniques. In the production molding process using a vacuum method, carbon fiber cover after the mold with a vacuum machine the air space of CFRP and the mold is withdrawn to make carbon fiber more fit the mold surface, to corner shape is more accurate and plane smoother effect; in the process can be evacuated in excess glue is discharged, so that the carbon fiber, and after curing slimmer lightweight, carbon fiber generally has a more thinner, more rigid characteristics, because the glue content is reduced, the use of this carbon fiber production process has changed the conventional carbon fiber “fragile” nature, become more resilient, able to withstand a wider range of permanent deformation and bending, which is not deformed or even broken, improve the durability of carbon fiber components.

ASPEC BMW 3 Series carbon fiber kit includes: front lip, air guide fog, grille, hood, mirror housings, roof, side skirts, rear wing, rear lip (in conjunction with four exhaust ASPEC tube)