A Spec Maserati PPM500

PPM500 is based on the overall retrofit upgrade program ASPEC Maserati Ghibli production of newly developed code. PPM500 entire aero package Maserati Ghibli became more wild, lean, front face mouth grille on both sides into the eye teeth of similar design, as a roaring beast mouth in general, very aggressive; and the original car with full rear styling unique and rear lip spoiler, then let in Ghibli between dynamism and strength to be a good balance.

PPM500 a full vacuum carbon fiber aerodynamic package includes a head lip, grille, license plate frame, hood, side skirts, rear wing, tail lip.
Ghibli while driving engines and turbines will generate a lot of heat, and cooling holes at the top of the hood can accelerate the emission of heat.
Although the design concept of the head lip design though is to follow the basic lines of the front face Ghibli re-creation, the Ghibli hide the movement of genes represented the ultimate; the front lip shape to a greater extent, and the slightly restrained Ghibli build untamed, installation but also to ensure highly consistent with the original car, at the same time, PPM500 front lip of the well preserved original car anti-collision capabilities, parking sensor and other functions; on both sides of the intake grille styling eye teeth, in highlighting the glare, while more effectively direct airflow to the front intercooler and oil cooling, improve the cooling efficiency of it.
Side skirt with a more sharp fold line shape, to increase in body width PPM500 effect while letting the side looks more real tiger, while effective in reducing the reverse flow generated in the vehicle to enhance stability during high-speed driving.
Tail rear spoiler lip chic style structure, with the perfect blend of elegant Ghibli tail, can effectively increase vehicle speed to generate a negative pressure airflow, maximize downforce to enhance driving stability.
The actual effect tail design was inspired by the Maserati GT spoiler, sporty rear wing and rear lines Ghibli itself perfectly blends the side of the body more three-dimensional and has a sort of stream.