A Spec Volkswagen PPV430R

PPV430R (Performance Project Volkswagen 430 horsepower) is based on the Volkswagen Scirocco R ASPEC newly developed production overall retrofit upgrade program code . This is the first set of ASPEC Street Edition wide-body work , after the number “R” is a wide-body code. ASPEC With the valuable experience and technical development teams racing more CTCC aero design more in line with the aesthetic standards and daily wide-body aero package used for the 2008 to 2014 models of all Scirocco models. PPV430R showing a strong sense of movement, full of visual impact styling , sleek design to create a high degree of driving stability and excellent handling.

ASPEC a full vacuum carbon fiber wide-body aerodynamic kit includes : one-piece front grille surround , hood, mirror shells, side skirts , front and rear widebody fenders , tail, after the siege. This will launch the aero package ASPEC vacuum carbon fibers and glass fibers of two different materials PPV430R aero package to cater to different consumer preferences of the owner
Face shape tough, dynamic. Encloses the front has been redesigned, and accompanied by the original Scirocco the newest LED lamps depending on width. Compared to the original, the front side has a larger area of ​​the intake port, prompting the cold air guide intercooler, oil cooler and water tank, improve the cooling efficiency; trapezoidal grille wind increased two diamond clip, let the former face more layered.
Double U-shaped hood vents, will further enhance the combat effectiveness of a highly PPV430R, vents can accelerate heat emission engines and turbines, allowing the engine to maintain the engine compartment in good working condition high temperature.
Front and rear fenders and side skirts convergence through the body naturally smooth, front fender bilateral total increase of 50mm, rear fender increase bilateral 70mm, so PPV430R side looks more impact and sense of power. Stability while side skirts ingenious air guide design, can effectively reduce the reverse flow generated in the vehicle to improve high-speed driving.
Carbon fiber wrapped mirror housing, and further explain the movement charm, looks more three-dimensional effectively reduces the drag coefficient.
Rear styling exercise, the atmosphere, and accompanied by the original Scirocco the newest reflector. Enhance the overall appearance of the entire rear impact, while also more quickly and orderly export underbody airflow, maximize high-speed driving stability. Triangular vents on both sides of the rear wheel arches the car can accelerate the release of the negative pressure chamber, improve handling stability.
Huge carbon fiber rear wing in bringing super visual impact, while the sporty carry out in the end. With visual effects widebody fenders, rear overall shape has an unparalleled sense of depth. In performance, the air from the rear wing increases downforce through better improve the high-speed driving stability.